Greg S. Cohen, MD
New Patients
Step 1: Schedule an appointment

For maximum efficiency and accuracy, we recommend that you pre-register by
entering your demographic information on our
secure website.  Then you will
receive a phone call to set the date and time of your appointment without having
to repeat your demographic information over the phone.
201 E Huron St  ●  Galter 11-205  ●  Chicago, IL 60611  ●  phone 312-695-4452  ●  fax 312-695-4453

Step 2: Provide us with some background medical information

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email with a username
and password for our
Patient Portal.  Please visit the Patient Portal and complete
both "Questionnaires" found on the left panel of the screen.  You may also
update your demographics if needed, by clicking on "Personal Information" on
the left panel of the screen.  This will make your first appointment as productive
as possible.  You can continue to access the
Patient Portal after your first visit to
view your personal health records.


Please bring all relevant medical information to your appointment including lists
of allergies, medications, past medical history, and past surgical history.  Feel
free to use
this form to organize your medical history.  If you need to request
your medical records from an outside physician or hospital, you may use

Before you see the doctor, you will be asked to sign a Consent for Workup and
Treatment form, which you are welcome to read in advance by clicking
this link.